Rejuvi a causado mucho interés en la prensa mundial, aquí hay algunos de los muchos artículos que se han escrito.

Teletrece -  6 de Octubre 2008

Desarrollan crema para eliminar tatuajes permanentes
El producto fue elaborado por expertos en cosmetología de la Oxford Skin Clinic, en Reino Unido, y permite borrar los tatuajes no deseados, sin dolor ni cicatrices.  Lea el articulo completo. - 29 de Agosto 2008

Británicos desarrollan una crema para eliminar tatuajes no deseados. Lea el articulo completo.

The Independent 26 Agosto 2008

Although sometimes I did wish it wasn't there, I never disliked my tattoo – a collection of stars on my hip, done seven years ago, partly in Mexico, partly in Australia – badly enough to consider suffering the pain involved in having it removed.  Lea el articulo completo.

Metro 21 Julio 2008

Say goodbye to "permanent" tattoos

Tattoos, once rare and exotic, now decorate an eye-watering number of limbs.

As with most trends, our passion is sadly fuelled by celebrities and the most recent to go under the needle is Wayne Rooney – who now has Just Enough Education To Perform, the title of a Stereophonics album, etched on his right forearm.  Lea el articulo completo.

Sky News 27 Agosto 2008

Cream Removes Tattoos

Getting rid of unwanted tattoos may just have become easier with the launch of a cream which 'pushes out' ink to leave scar-free skin. Lea el articulo completo.


Mail Online 27 Agosto 2008

Unwanted Tattoos can be removed by cream injected into the skin without pain or scarring.  Lea el articulo completo.


Associated Content 21 Noviembre 2008

Are your sick of wearing out longs sleeves shirts in the summer, or concealing your ex-husband's name from a new loved one?, Or maybe your tattoo is a reminder of a bad or unwelcome memory.  Lea el resto del articulo.